Nata Village has internet availability

•May 12, 2009 • 1 Comment

The Nata Village had finnaly got internet accessable for campers travelars and the community for them to send messages. There are only three ares to use the internet access. The post office had six computers which is used to send faxes back and forth around the world. WIld buchery had four computers and a fax machine hat is useable. Finally The North gate Lodge is the last place where anyone can use internet.


5 vocab words

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1.Colony-overseas ossession or territory ruled by its mother country

2.Campaign- a series of military operations

3.Adequate-to have an adequate supply means to have enough but not to much

4.draw- a dar in warfare is a battle that ends without a clear victory for either side

5.hardships- things that make life difficult

Donations at work

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Peter Martinez, Kenewang Rancholo, and Seloma Tiro put smiles on the childrens faces at the R.A.D.S hostel in Nata Village, when the donated nine soccer balls from the trust. They used by students after school at their recreation facility. The students and teachers were very happy because they have their own teams and they can now practice and competel. It is very good to excise, those were the words of Mr. Tiro when he was saying his issue.  After doing their homework, the students can now enjoy their afternoons by playing soccer. The trust’s thanks everyone who contributed.

5 vocab words (march 11)

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1. traitor- a person who betrays his country, a disloyal person

2.treason-the crime of betraying one country

3.trench-a deep ditch

4. skirmish-unimportant fighting among outlyin g bodies of troops

5.militiamen-members of a militia

5 vocab words (march 4)

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1.Campaign- a series of military operations

2.hardships- things that make life difficult

3. democracy- government by the people point- british fiort near lake champlain in New York

4.Fleet-a group of ships

5 Vocab words

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Pronicious-having a harmful affect

Augment-to make in greater size

Longuish-to yearn for someone/something

Obscure-not clear in meaning


•March 17, 2009 • 2 Comments

The Tebelopele visits the Nata Village to encourage people to come out with their HIV status. For the past week the staff members from Tebelopele, have been doing community mobilization, iand nforming everyone in the village to test for theHIV virus. Furthermore, counciling was available for everyone who tested. Couples were highly encourage to come and test with their partners. It was a successful event for everyone.


•March 11, 2009 • 2 Comments

Nata Village had an awesome football (soccer) tournament for March. Youth against HIV/AIDS was celebrated one week earlier this year. Seven teams from the Nata Village participated in this event. During the event all the football and soccer players were encourage to take a rapid HIV test. Tebelopele successfully tested 463 people during the tournament. This event was to encourage all people from Nata Village, Sepako, Manxotai, Maposa, Zoroga, and Tsokatsaa to come and find out their HIV status. \


•March 4, 2009 • 6 Comments

February4, 2009 at 12.30 pm Peter Martinez was invited to the Nata Primary School Standard Seven class to teach about  HIV/AIDS prevention.  The students were interested in learning more about virus’s.  The only problem was the students were shy to ask and comment about the virus. The students indicated that they wanted Mr Martinez to come again and give more topics about health issues.  Peter promised that he will organize and English Club at the school for sudents to join and get help with their school english homework.

Nata river flows

•February 18, 2009 • 5 Comments

Nata has been hit hard with powerful rains. Now the river is flowing once again. This year the water level in the river did not raise as much as  last years water level. The rains have caused Nata Village to flourish all around the comunity with green grass and trees.

Never been kissed? Now you can pucker up in glorious 3D

•February 3, 2009 • 3 Comments

these 3D glasses are used for something different. get up to the 3D hype and kiss it with your mouth. well almost it cute :). THIS 3D effect might want you to get a handshake instead. But its good for people who have never beened kissed before 😀

Senior Citizen Appreciation Day

•November 21, 2008 • 4 Comments

November 7, 2008.. The Nata Village had its first senior citizen appreciation day for 60 years and older. They spent most of the time laughing and dancing. They were also treated with and awesome big lunch. The community hopes this would be a long lasting appreciation for all the seniors living in the Nata village.

Hard At Work

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The children in Botswana culture started learning hard working at an early age. The children start on doing chores on cattle post’s and the house. They collect water to mix with the sand and mae mud bricks for there houses. Children help and support parents cattle post and gather animals.

No Child Left Behind

•November 5, 2008 • 6 Comments

The Nata Primitary school had no problems getting students into the schools. The population in Nata help more and more children register to the primitary schools. Teahcers will leave no child behind, but will create outside classrooms. Education is very important to the nata

Japanese ” bot builder shows off his walking chair. “

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Leave it to an awesome country like Japan to make and celebrate robots. This is where the robotic spider chair was spotted carrying a man like a wheelchair could actually do. A robotic chair might be able to travel surfaces easier. With a technology like this it can be a great use to the elderly and disabled.

Four Wii Games That Aren’t For Kids

•October 8, 2008 • 2 Comments

Shacknews look at four Wii games that aren’t good for children. Dead Rising, Call Of Duty 5, Conduit, and Madworld were very intense and gory games, but writers were impressed with these games. The Wii games are for Mature+ an are to intense, bloody, an gory for kids. The Wii games will be coming out next year, but kids under 17 are not allowed to play these games.

The Weight Station

•September 19, 2008 • 4 Comments

The Nata Clinic always makes sure that is looked by from there parents. For every month both mother and father bring their child to weigh.Plus, the government gives each family a food basket and a bay formula for if the child is in good health.

Helping the less fortunate

•September 16, 2008 • 11 Comments

The department of social and community development with the orphan trust still continue to support the needy’s and orphans of the Nata Village. At least 60 children were provided with breakfast and lunch on their way to Maun.( A bigger village.) In the end each child was able to use 400 pullas (some momey compared to american money.) worth of clothes.